“Interrogate your teaspoons.”
– Georges Perec

The Quotidian Revue will be at The Bongo Club as part of the well-known Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the second half of August this year. It is a show about the everyday, mundane, invisible details of life that are often ignored or dismissed, but on closer examination turn out to be funny, entertaining and unexpected.

The Quotidian Revue is written and performed by Lewis Dryburgh (Aberdeen), Peter Fletcher (Birmingham) and James Ward (London), who previously appeared together at the inaugural Boring 2010 conference last December. Lewis Dryburgh has been described by the Independent on Sunday as a “showstopper”. Peter Fletcher was referred to by The Irish Times as “the legendary Peter Fletcher”. James Ward was described in The Observer as “strange or funny or moving”.

The Quotidian Revue will discuss themes such as the intangible beauty of car park roofs, the counting of sneezes and the attempt to document the availability of Cadbury Twirls in central London.